Friday, 2 October 2009

Party Patio

A major piece of the garden hard landscaping has reached a significant point in its progress...all of the paving and the main structure for the roof are finished. The Party Patio is a large area sitting in one of the sunniest spots in our garden next to the Goathouse. It will be used to share meals with friends and for general entertaining.

The Handyman and I spent time yesterday evening reviewing his handiwork and considering the next phase of the project...the outdoor fireplace for those chilly evenings when you'd rather be outdoors but the temperature drives you in.

We spent time considering the size and visual weight of the fireplace and laying bricks in various mock-ups, we also referred to the fireplace in the dining room for proportion; books, magazines and my ideas scrapbook were strewn around the dining room table...we both love this process of design and build; it seems to work well for us to date...time will tell wth this project.

Whilst walking around the patio thinking of the options I really noticed for the first time the shapes made by the wooden joists, all contructed by hand by the ever versatile Handyman, the shapes against an October sky I thought were very evocative of the skill that has gone into creating the structure.

Now how to plant up the borders that will enclose the patio? Time for me to get the gardening books out and develop a planting plan over the Winter months.