Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Perseverance Pays Off

Way back in May 2010 I began the construction of my new greenhouse.  The saga ran on through June and July of that year with little progress, amd then the winds came in autumn of 2010 and spring of 2011 and took out some of the panes of polycarbonate.  So, severely disheartened the shell of the greenhouse was all that remained standing through the rest of last year.

complete...at last!
However during the fine weather last weekend the Handyman had another attempt at fitting those 'b*!!?# polycarbonate panels' and despite, or perhaps because of, his frustration he managed to complete the installation of a number of panels.

Spurred on by this I decided to have another attempt and, surprise, surprise, I managed to finish the job!  So now I have a completed greenhouse after almost 21 months of frustration and disappointment - hurrah!

first seed trays planted up
Assuming that the structure stands up to our windy conditions I can now look forward to making good use of it and started today by sowing some seedtrays of sweetpeas.  It's good to have somewhere to retreat to if the weather becomes inclement and somewhere for the tomatoes, chillies and cucumbers to spend the summer months. 

tea and biscuits anyone?
Just need to dig out the camp chair and I'll have somewhere to sit with my cup of tea and biscuits.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Return of the Fair Weather Gardener

Spring must be on its way as I have ventured out into the garden for a few hours over the past couple of days; granted this foray was prompted by Thursday's unseasonal temperature of 17C and the appearance of that big yellow ball in the sky!

pale lemon primula
As usual when I make this first attempt of the year at gardening I have conflicting emotions; firstly, what a lot needs to be done and secondly, what joy to be out in the fresh air.  The first can have the effect of making me turn around and head back indoors, defeated by the task, but it's the second that keeps me out there, that and the promise of the difference a few hours gardening can make both to the garden and to my state of mind.

dolly mixtures

So this Spring I resolve to focus on what I have achieved after each gardening session rather than what is yet to be done, as there will always be something!

Yesterday I managed to weed and cut back two of the perennial borders and one raised bed in the kitchen garden.  In the process I made room for some lovely, bright primula; I love the dolly mixture colours of these little plants.  Being down amongst the borders I was able to appreciate up close the spring bulbs that have already made an appearance; miniature iris, snowdrops and the occasional narcissus.

miniature iris
This morning I've fortified myself by a glimpse back at photos from previous Springs and Summers to remind me of the end game: a productive and pretty plot in which to sit and enjoy all my labours.

crocus almost in bloom
So what are you waiting for Susan?  Get out there and continue to make a difference!