Saturday, 10 July 2010

Tooty Fruity!

Quick update on the soft fruit front...raspberries and blackcurrants in abundance light up the fruit cage. So far we've had 3lbs 2ozs of raspberries and about 4lbs of blackcurrants. Much use has been made of these in the Holly Grove kitchen.

There are more raspberries ripening each day and more blackcurrants. The redcurrants are beginning to colour and there is the prospect of a bumper crop of blackberries later in the summer. Delicious!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Freshest of Veg

Well, harvesting time has arrived as seeds sown in April and May start to produce lovely fresh vegetables for the kitchen. We've been eating sugarsnap peas, lettuce, baby carrots and the odd kohl rabi for ten days or so and yesterday we had the first of our soft fruit in the shape of raspberries and blackcurrants.

Today I've got a basket of vegetables to roast for our tea. In the trug are some of the usual suspects: beetroot, carrots, baby courgettes, with some first time arrivals at Holly Grove: florence fennel and kohl rabi. The kohl rabi is becoming a favourite with us. A more sophisticated version of turnip, it is tender and sweet when any size between golf ball and tennis ball. It peels easily and this variety 'Green Delicacy' has lovely white flesh. I've just sown another row which should be ready around the end of August.

I haven't grown Florence fennel before so I'm looking forward to tasting it. So far it has proven easy to germinate and grow, though I think it could do with a bit more frequent watering to swell the edible stem base and two or three more weeks in the ground should produce better sized bulbs. However I just couldn't wait any longer to have a taste, so have taken one immature bulb to try.

There really is nothing quite like fruit and veg from your own plot!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Border Bouquet

Just a quick note as I have a busy day ahead both in the garden and the kitchen. Look out for a new post on Holly Grove Kitchen coming soon...

Whilst deadheading the roses yesterday I also cut back a few stray stems of border perennials. Rather than consigning them to the compost bin I put them in a vase and before you know it a border bouquet had emerged. Okay, so it wouldn't win any flower arranging prizes but it really gives a flavour of the borders at Holly Grove.

In the mix are shasta daisies, various penstemons, scabious, valerian, campanula and the odd frond of fern - a real cottage garden fusion!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

On Display

We are expecting visitors this weekend, my cousin and her husband are staying overnight with us on their way to Spain for the summer. So the garden has had its hands and face washed - this takes the form of a bit of furniture painting, cushion washing, patio sweeping, grass cutting and border edging. The end result is a very tidy plot, hopefully showing off Holly Grove at its best.

Fingers crossed for fine weather on Saturday so that we can sit in the garden and enjoy all the hard work.