Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pretty Perennials

I recently spent some time appreciating the pretty perennials around Holly Grove.  This being the third or fourth season for many of them, they are getting well established and some will need splitting and/or relocating next year.  For now let's just enjoy the display...

knautia macedonica Burgundy Buttons?

campanula and potentilla fruticosa

lythrum Fire Candle, linaria purpurea Canon Went, lavender Hidcote, allium sphaeroceplalon
campanula, potentilla, oregano, prunella vulgaris (self heal)


debsgarden said...

Your flower borders are beautiful! The third photo is especially beautiful. I hope your Peacock Orchids will be blooming soon. I have two groups of them. The one that gets more sun is blooming now. The other group has just barely started.

Susan said...

Thank you Deb. I've spotted a few gaps in the borders so I'm searching for some late summer and autumn flowering bulbs to improve the show next year.