Saturday, 6 August 2011

Spring Planning in August

Over the past few weeks I've been receiving bulb catalogues and this has coincided with me considering gaps in the Holly Grove borders during late May/early June and again in August/September.  After many happy hours making lists of potential bulbs to fill the gaps I came up with these:

May and June

allium neopolitanum grandiflorum

allium schubertii
gladioli byzantinus

June and July

allium cernuum

allium pulchellum, pulchellum album
and allium flavum 

July to September

lilium White Heaven

So having selected my gap fillers for the summer borders, I couldn't resist some spring bulbs...

March to May

tulipa linifolia, tarda, eastern star,
turkestanica, saxatalis, clusiana chrysantha

puschkinia libanotica

tulipa red riding hood

daffodils and narcissi

tulipa green star

fritillaria meleagris
Phew!  Quite a list and it's drained by savings but I'm sure I'll be pleased that I made the commitment next year when these lovely bulbs come into bloom; on the plus side the Red Riding Hood tulips were free as were the daffodil and narcissi mix - that's how much I spent!  The bulbs were ordered from J Parker's and that's where most of the photos came from - I've had bulbs from them before, they seem to be reasonably priced and they've all done well.

Now I need to get back to the present day and get out and lift and store the potato harvest!


debsgarden said...

Oh, my! You have a wonderful garden, and all these bulbs will make it even more fabulous. Have fun when it is time to plant them all!

And thanks for your kind comment on my Summer Garden paths post. Your Annabelle hydrangeas are gorgeous. I planted mine in memory of my mother, whose name was AnnaBelle.

Susan said...

Oh Debs how lovely to have Annabelle in memory of your Mum. We have two crab apple trees in memory of the Handyman's Mum and my Mum. Every Spring they bring us blossom and in the Autumn, fruit - very beautiful and productive just like our Mums.

I'm looking forward to planting the bulbs and even more so to seeing them in bloom next year!