Monday, 5 September 2011

Nasturtium Time

I planted a few nasturtium seeds a couple of years ago and ever since they've been selfseeding madly around the garden.  Nasturtiums generate a huge number of seeds so there are no issues with gathering and storing or giving away.

However the other day whilst browing through a recently acquired preserving book, River Cottage Handbook No 2 Preserves, I found an unusual use for these little green seeds...nasturtium 'capers'.

So I gathered the required quantity and had a go; very easy to prepare and pickle, I'm now waiting a few weeks before I try using them in any recipe that requires a more traditional caper.


debsgarden said...

I have never heard of pickled nastutium seeds! But I would definitely give them a try on a salad.

Susan@Holly Grove said...

Hi Deb, they are supposed to be quite spicy and lemony in flavour -worth a try as the nasturtium seed is free and all that needs to be added is a bit of salt for the brine and white wine vinegar for pickling.