Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Mobile Garden

At the back of our house is a wide gravel path that stands bare and uninspiring through the late autumn and winter.  However at this time of year I begin to bring our mobile garden of pots away from the relative warmth of the house walls and cold greenhouse and build a border of plants along the path.

For the most part these pots contain a passion of mine for hostas.  They suit being grown in pots here as our garden has very little shade and the soil is sandy and free draining.  Being in a pot they can benefit from the east facing aspect at the back of the house and I can ensure that they are adequately watered; there is also the advantage that when they die down in the winter I can move the pots out of sight.

So last weekend I began to construct the arrangement of potted plants.  The hostas are off and running into growth; as the season progresses they will provide lovely lush and spreading foliage, which means that the pots will move further apart and eventually, by June, run the whole width of the house.  There are also a few pots of lilies to add scent and height to the display.

The combination of the hosta foliage, the little bubbling water feature, japanese acers and the bush fuchsias (added to provide some floral value) give me a delightful view from the kitchen sink!

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