Monday, 4 June 2012

Room to Move

Just about a month ago I wrote about my mobile garden of pots.  Following a fair bit of rainy weather and a few days of sun this part of our garden has truly blossomed.

early May
I don't know why but it comes as a surprise to me every year that I have to drag the pots further apart as the season progresses and the plants overfill their alloted space.
early June
in the background is a lovely hosta whose name escapes me and guacamole in the foreground

francee in the background and aureomarginata in the foreground
There's a lesson here for me in the 'planted' parts of the garden: give plants room to grow and spread.  However it's a difficult lesson to learn as I'm always tempted to cover up bare soil with leaf and flower.  Perhaps this is one reason I tend towards herbacious perennials as these can be easily removed or lifted and spilt when they outgrow the space available.

Anyway, in the pot garden no such issues as the pots simply move out and the 'border' at the back of the house covers more of the gravel path and becomes ever more lush.

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Kate said...

Your pots are absolutely wonderful and they're filling up magnificently... wish mine looked as good!