Saturday, 13 June 2015

Passing Time

So three years without a post on this, my garden blog.  Does that mean that I haven't been gardening for all that time?  Not so, however I can admit that my interest and time in the garden has been diminished by life events.

The Handyman has done a sterling job over this period to keep the garden in good shape; hedges, grass, shrubs and border management, but this garden is challenging enough for two, so I think I was missed.

April flowers
The time has come to refocus on some of things that make me content; our garden is a major player in that respect.  My reintroduction to the garden began in April with some tentative steps; mostly spending time looking and photographing to understand where I should begin. 

Taking time to stop and really look at the garden has proven to be physically and emotionally refreshing - a real respite!  It's also made me keenly aware of how hard the Handyman has been working, mostly alone, to keep this garden in some kind of shape.

dwarf rhododendron
Dora Amateis
Very slowly through April I began to work in the garden; a bit of detail weeding, tying in the climbing roses on their various posts and trellises, clearing out last year's remnants from the greenhouse...and generally enjoying the April sunshine and fresh air.

cherry blossom

exochorda x macrantha
The Bride
Then I started painting, not the paint on canvas sort, but rather of the garden furniture variety - I think I wanted a fresh start in more ways than one.


perch a while
I've used some time to review this blog and previous posts served as reminders of all the joy (and exercise) that Holly Grove garden has given over the years.  Now in our eighth year here it's time to get re-acquainted, both with the joy of gardening and the reflective nature of adding a post to the blog.


Nick said...

Welcome back!

Susan@Holly Grove said...

Thank you Nick.