Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Clambering Clematis

A number of clematis planted over the past three years are beginning to put on a bit of a show. Height in the garden was limited in the early days and some clematis were started in the circle borders on tripods of canes. The canes have been removed over the years as the clematis have found more natural supports to clamber through.

Clematis Piilu is making its way through a multi-stemmed silver birch, though it has taken a bit of coaching to begin its journey. Miss Bateman (pictured above) adapted more easily to the natural life and scrambles through a small shrubby tree that was a legacy from a previous owner of HG. Whilst Dr Ruppel (pictured below) is making progress through small and ancient apple tree.

Other clematis coming into flower on the more traditional trellis support include Crystal Fountain (below right), The President (below left) and the lovely pink Hagley Hybrid (below centre).

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