Saturday, 28 May 2011

Cherry Sweet

Yesterday the Handyman and I ate some of the most delicious, sweetest, freshest cherries straight from one of our own cherry trees.  We've been watching them ripen over the past days and wondering if the birds would get to them before we did.  Then yesterday afternoon we noticed a handful - well, 7 cherries - that were a gleaming, deep, cherry red.  They were perfect, so we decided to try them there and then.

Wow! They were so tasty and sweet, 3 each and an extra one for me, thank you Handyman.  I'll be watching carefully now as the rest of the fruits ripen and picking them off to eat as I pass the tree.  I'm sure the birds will have more than their share but at least the Handyman and I can say we've tasted cherries from our own garden.


mangocheeks said...

Oh my gosh, you've got cherries already and their your own - oh I am so jealous.

Kells said...