Monday, 16 May 2011

Rhododendron Renovation

May is the month for rhododendrons and they flourish here in Shropshire.  Although they bloom for only a short time to me they are worth the garden space.  They come in so many colours and sizes from true giants to more dwarf varieties.

Here at HG we inherited a bedraggled specimen crammed up against the old dog run (now long since removed) and it has taken 3 years of judicious pruning and lots of feeding to get to the stage of producing these lovely lilac blooms. 

We're so proud of our achievement as we'd never before owned, let alone pruned, a rhodo.  Last year we invested in three more, a bit of a challenge as the soil is very light and free draining here but, hey, if we can regenerate a straggly, non-flowering one perhaps we can have some success with the ones we're nurturing from scratch.

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