Friday, 24 June 2011

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

We will be very soon!  Finally after more than twelve months of planning, saving and pondering we've taken the plunge and ordered a large table and eight reclining chairs for the party patio.

It has taken us ages to commit to a style and material as it is such a large investment both financially and aesthetically.  As it's such a large piece of garden furniture and hopefully will be with us for many years it was important that we get it right...right size (not too big or small for the space available), right material (we considered wood and metal, both have their pluses and minuses), style of chair (traditional or contemporary), colour of cushions and parasol...the list went on.

photo from Cyan Teak
Eventually we just had to make a decision and so we've opted for an extending table to seat up to eight with reclining chairs (for those long and lazy summer days when we have family and friends to enjoy Holly Grove) in teak (relatively maintenance free and lovely to look at and touch) with navy blue cushions and parasol...and it's due to be delivered today!!!  At the moment the sun is shining, so you never know we may be able to make use of it straight away.

I'm so excited and a little anxious - will it be all that we expect?  I'll update later with initial impressions and photos from the party patio.


debsgarden said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my own blog. I appreciate your very kind comments, and also I am thrilled to discover a like-minded gardener. I sighed when I discovered you are in the UK, in my mind the perfect climate for gardening — though I have never been there! Your own garden is gorgeous, and I look forward to exploring your blog, too!

Your choice of garden furniture is excellent. We have a teak arbor swing, and it is wonderful. I have resolved my next set of patio furniture will be teak. LOVE the umbrella! So sit back in your new furniture and enjoy gazing at your lovely garden!

Susan said...

Thank you for visiting Deb; hope you'll come again. I'm following your blog and your welcome to visit Shropshire if you're ever over in the UK.