Friday, 3 June 2011

Herbs by Post

Yesterday's blog post focused on the planting of a herb border but what I failed to mention was this planting inspired me to search the internet for some more herbs for the garden, so much for saving money by using existing plants for the new herb border!  I wanted some old favourites and some new variieties and I didn't want to pay for fully grown plants.

The solution was to find some decent plug plants.  I have tried buying plugs by mail order before with varying dgrees of success, so I ventured forth with some trepidation.

in their packaging

I found a lovely site with such a range of herbs that I had real trouble choosing what to try; the herbs are listed alphabetically with good photos.  The site is Home Scent Herbs based in Norfolk.

It's possible to buy either small plants or plug plants - I went for the plugs as I am a great believer that small things grow more quickly than larger plants which take some time to settle down when transplanted.  I bought 18 assorted plugs for just over £16 including P&P...not bad, depending on the quality.  So I placed my order just after 6am on Tuesday and unbelievably the parcel arrived on Wednesday morning!

The herbs were delivered in a tiered carboard box and I couldn't wait to open it up and see the treasures inside - three plastic trays of six plugs each complete with labels.

lavender Hidcote fresh plugs
So straight into the potting shed to get these little beauties potted up and growing on.  As you can see they are good sized plants and all looking very healthy.  I'll grow them on for about four weeks before checking to see the root development (by gently tipping them out of their pots) before planting them in the garden, though a couple may end up in pots near the kitchen door.

all potted on
I almost forgot to let you know what I bought - three types of thyme; two creeping lemon thyme, two lemon thyme and two thyme Wine and Roses; six lavender Hidcote; two lavender Madrid Purple, one cotton lavender; one pineapple sage; one Moroccan mint; and one rosemary Miss Jessop's Upright...and that makes eighteen!

I'd heartily recommend Home Scent Herbs; the quality of the plugs, reasonable prices, the variety of the herbs available, a useful website and amazing delivery - what's not to like?

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