Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Scented Border

So how long does it take to create a herb border? 

I have wanted to join two borders together between the party patio and Valentine's gate border for some time but as it will be a narrow strip the question remained what to plant.

viola yellow rebecca
As it would be sited right beside the party patio some scented plants would be good; then the Handyman suggested lavender.  He'd been inspired as he brushed past the small lavender hedge planted three years ago and the scent floated up to him.  As we discussed this possiblity we thought of the herb border in the kitchen garden and the two thoughts combined - as we use the party patio as our main BBQ location the thought of herbs on hand to add to the cooking and the lovely scent as they are cropped convinced us that this was the solution.

very ittle lemon balm in the foreground
So next question - how to stock the border? 

With the miriad of herbs available we were spoiled for choice however to do it on a budget we mostly gathered plants from our existing stock by relocating a couple from less favourable spots in the garden and lifting and dividing some herbs from the kitchen garden.  The result is that we have a lovely new border with lavender, chives, lemon thyme, sage, lemon verbena, parsley, rosemary, golden marjoram, lemon balm, sweet violas, lemon scented geranium...hmm, seems to be a bit of a lemon theme going on!

And to answer the original question: with the Handyman's help in clearing the grass and digging over the ground; two and a half hours from grass to growing!

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