Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Borders Full of Annuals

Whilst we are waiting for shrubs and perennials to fill out the newly formed borders I make use of a few annuals.

I haven't planted Godetia for years, though they were a favourite of my sons when they were small - I think it was the name they liked as much as the flowers - godetia! atishoo! Sewn directly into the border they have blossomed beautifully, though I probably should have thinned them out I couldn't bear to remove any of them - so a profusion of tissue paper flowers.

The sunflowers are planted at the back of a sunny border and provide a cheery face on the dullest of days. As usual I've lost a few as I forget to stake them on this windy site. In the border in front of these 6' giants are Californian poppies and nasturtiums winding their way amongst the hostas and rudbeckia. So a border of yellow, red and orange - hot stuff!

Next on the list of favoured annuals would have to be Cosmos. Lovely feathery foliage and icecream colours. Initially started in seed trays in April and then pricked out into 3" pots by my friend and fellow gardener, E. Then when the roots start to appear at the bottom of the pot and the last frost has passed, out they go into the border growing to about 3'6" in height and flowering from July to October.

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