Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sunshine and Showers

Spent a rainy morning yesterday in my shed selecting seeds for the kitchen garden to provide vegetables and salad through the rest of the summer and into the autumn. I then spent a busy afternoon in the kitchen garden resowing the bare beds after Tuesday's weeding and cleanup session.

So we now have lettuce, radish, rocket, spinach, pak choi and chard sown in the long narrow bed next to the fruit cage. The last of the first batch of broad beans was harvested and the plants removed to the compost heap. In their place spring cabbage and swede have been sown. The cabbage will benefit from the nitrogen released from the roots of the broad beans and some pelleted chicken manure added before sowing.

Sugar snap peas, and more carrots - I so enjoyed the success of the first batch, fingers crossed - have been squeezed into the spaces in the larger beds made by picking more carrots for dinner and consigning the over blown and now woody radish to the compost heap.

This afternoon I weeded the soft fruit cage and added some pelleted chicken manure around the roots of the plants - feels like they've earned a bit of TLC as they produce luscious fruit for our puddings.

Next job will be to weed thoroughly around the rhubarb, french and runner beans...but that will have to wait until tomorrow as I think it's time to cook a vegetarian curry making use of the kitchen garden produce. And whilst that simmers away in the oven, time for a bath and a glass of chilled white wine - aah, bliss!

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