Monday, 20 July 2009

Oak Seedlings

I discovered some self-seeded oak seedlings whilst weeding the woodland border - bit of a grand term, but we're creating a couple of borders in the shade of the 2 mature apple trees and 5 other fruit trees planted in December 2007 - anyway...

The 2 miniature oaks are now potted up and in my plant nursery. We plan to put them into our hedgerows when they are big enough. Oaks in the hedgerows are very traditional in this part of the UK. I read somewhere that oak trees host more wildlife that any other tree native to the UK - what a lovely thought.

In a previous property we had a verymature oak tree in the garden, circa 250 years old, which had once been part of a hedgerow before the houses were built.

We'll not be around to see these little seedlings grow into such mighty oaks but hopefully they will bring pleasure, shade and sustenance to future generations of Holly Grove dwellers.

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