Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Kitchen Garden Produce

Yesterday I discovered these delicious jewel-like redcurrants almost ready for harvesting. There are blackcurrants and whitecurrants too, so it looks as though a summer pudding may be on the menu soon - if I can get there before the birds spot them.

The beetroot are about ready to pull so I'll be on the lookout for beetroot recipes, and I'll make a few jars of pickled beetroot to share with family and friends.

Broad beans - The Sutton - and carrots continue to crop well and the first few french beans - Blue Lake - have appeared, so we'll be sampling a few for dinner tonight.

It won't be long before we have the first of the runner beans to eat. I'm trying two varieties this year; one from last year that was very tasty, a good cropper and almost stringless (and whose name escapes me for the moment) and a new one for me - White Lady, that has, not surprisingly white flowers, and looks very lush. Hopefully the bees will have visited the flowers of both and we'll get a good crop.

Runner beans freeze very well and retain their flavour but the best taste of all is of the first young beans steamed within minutes of picking then served with melted butter and chopped parsley from the pot outside the back door - yummmm!

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