Friday, 4 September 2009

Mums' Crab Apple Trees

In April this year the Handyman and I chose two crab apple trees to plant close to Star's hedgrow as Mother's Day presents for our Mums. We chose them because of their ultimate height, not so large to take the sunshine and yet providing some dappled shade and beautiful Spring blossom and Autumn fruits. They will be a reminder of our Mums and the bounty of their love.

Malus John Downie (right) is a lovely tree with white blossom and orange and red fruits that ripen in October. The tree is a first year maiden and is already laden with lots of fruit for its size.

The second tree Malus
Red Sentinel (above left), is also a first year maiden and also laden with fruit. A pretty tree with scented white flowers followed by red fruits in the Autumn; these fruits often remain on the tree until late December, if the birds or the preserving pan don't get to them first!
I think I'll try using b
oth varieties in a crab apple jelly come October.

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