Monday, 7 September 2009

One, Two, Three and More Butternut Squash

Autumn beckons but the last of the Summer flowers hold on for a bit longer - here some Black-eyed Susan (Rudbekia Fulgida Goldstrum) make a pretty picture next to a rambling Butternut Squash. The daisies were moved from a more shady spot in the garden this Spring and they're obviously loving this sunnier spot as they've produced lots of bright flowers since July and don't look like stopping for a few weeks yet.

Next to the rudbeckia I planted two squash plants grown from seed in the greenhouse in the late Spring and waited in hope whilst they wandered around the flower beds. They produced lots of yellow flowers, very similar to courgette flowers, but with the poor Summer weather I didn't hold out much hope of getting any fruits. Then yesterday, whilst meandering in the garden, I discovered one medium sized and one small squash. They are beautifully firm to the touch and the skin is blemish-free.

On closer inspection of the plants I found five more squash about the same size as the smaller one that I picked. I'm going to leave them for a couple more weeks on the plant and see what results I get.

I tried growing Butternut Squash last year to no avail, so any that I harvest this year are a welcome addition to the Autumn larder, and if I get seven then that will be a fantastic result!

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