Wednesday, 9 September 2009

New and Familiar Beans

I gathered, what I think will be, the last of the Runner Beans for this year. The number of young beans on the plants is deminishing, so I'll leave a few now to go to seed to be planted next Spring. The White Lady beans were beautiful, long straight pods, stringless and sweet when gathered young. We have had many a meal with these delicious pods, so much better than supermarket beans, picked straight from the plant to the pot.

I planted some Borlotti Beans at the end of July in the hope that I might get a few beans before the frosts come along. I haven't grown this type of bean before so I'm not sure what results I'll get. However they seem to have started well and are beginning to climb up the canes. Here's hoping for a bit more of this lovely and warm Autumn sunshine that we've been having over the last week or so that will encourage this young growth and keep the pollinators around until the flowers appear - I'll keep you posted!

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