Sunday, 16 May 2010

Busy, Busy...

Spring is a fantastic and frantic time in the garden and particularly our kitchen garden and greenhouse. I haven't sown as many seeds this year as I usually do but the greenhouse still looks pretty full. The hanging baskets take up almost all the roof and floor space so it will be good when these can be put out in their summer positions, but we've had a few nights of very low temperatures here so they won't be going out overnight for a couple of weeks yet.

The raised beds have a selection of vegetables planted in them including onions and garlic planted last October and they have started to really put on some growth as the weather warms.

Amongst the usual potatoes, broad beans, carrots and peas are a couple of new entrants to HG; kohl rabi and fennel (the bulb type). I'll be interested to see how easy these are to grow and whether we like to eat them. It won't be too long until we can start to pick baby salad leaves and the radish 'French Breakfast' look like they can be pulled any time now.

I've had a few problems with getting my beans to germinate in the green house and I'm on my second attempt. I think the warm April and then cool and wet May, plus a bit of over watering from me, contributed to the lack of seedlings. So fingers crossed for better luck (and management) this time!

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