Saturday, 29 May 2010

Maytime Showers of Golden Blooms

Wandering around the garden in between rain showers this late afternoon, my attention was drawn to Rosa Arthur Bell climbing over the arbour at the entrance to the kitchen garden. This rose was a present from G&K, arriving at Holly Grove during Easter 2008.

Now, I would not have
chosen a yellow climbing rose for this spot but as it was the only structure in the garden in those early days that would support a rose, there it was planted.

Oh, and what serendipity, it has thrived and looks better and better each year.
I must walk under this rose dozens of times in a weekend and pass it every day on my way to the car and when its in full bloom the sight and scent of it is glorious.

This year it is a
gain covered in flower buds, some of which are just beginning to open and the leaf is so green and healthy; and yet we do nothing with this rose other than an annual feed of blood, fish and bonemeal and deadheading and tidying up any weak or straggly branches. So much pleasure for so little effort.

So here's to fate, chance and a lovely gift: to Arthur Bell, better known at Holly Grove as G&K's rose.

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