Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summer Days in Springtime

Hurrah! Lovely summer sunshine and temperature in the closing weeks of May mean lots of weekend days and weekday evenings spent in the garden. After the poor weather in the first half of May this is a wonderful end to the month and hopefully a good start to June.

The garden has moved beyond the fresh flowers of spring, the daffodils are well and truly over, as are the primulas, and the aubretia is due a haircut. In their place come the hostas, aquilegia and hardy geraniums, to name but a few. The summer flowering clematis are covered in large flower buds and are streaking up their various supports and flower buds are forming on the peonias.

In the kitchen garden it's time to manage the various legumes: plant out french and runner bean young plants, sow some more peas and feed the broad beans. The first flowers have formed on the tomato plants in the greenhouse and the courgettes are coming along well.

What a lovely start to a day...sunshine, warm air and the prospect of a whole weekend in the garden...hurrah again!

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