Friday, 28 May 2010

BYO Beginner

PYO and GYO are relatively common terms to the gardener, but I've been learning about BYO - Build Your Own. The Handyman is somewhat incapacitated at the moment whilst recovering from a nasty accident involving broken bones, so the flatpacked greenhouse that I ordered and has been sitting awaiting attention for a number of weeks now.

I decided to replace our existing greenhouse with a green-framed version with polycarbonate glazing, for aesthetic and safety reasons. I don't want to be worrying about potentially nasty accidents with glass when my grandson visits.

The existing greenhouse was sold and removed over a week ago and my precious tomato, cucumber and pepper plants have been sitting outdoors with everything crossed hoping for warm days and nights whilst they await the construction of their new abode.

Now construction is not my forte, so it was with some trepidation that I unpacked the contents of the large box...inside I found a myriad of parts and a chunky instruction manual. So off to the tool box for spanners and screwdrivers and, disconcertingly, a rubber mallet!

Five hours later the basic frame is in place and, so far, I haven't lost a nut or bolt, though I did lose my temper a couple of times. I am hoping to finish the frame tomorrow and glaze it on BH Monday but the forecast is for rain tomorrow, so some delay may be appropriate. More BYO news to follow over the next few days...wish me success, and patience!

PS Just look at how my rocket, lettuce and radish have progressed since their last post appearance just 2 weeks ago. Simple things please the gardener, well this gardener anyway.

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