Thursday, 13 May 2010

Spring Flowering Climbers

The picket fence at the front of the house at this time of year is home to three spring flowering clematis: two from the Montana group and one Fosteri group member.

From the montana group are the popular clematis montana 'Elizabeth', bought in memory of my Mum, and the slightly later flowering clematis montana var. rubens 'Tetrarose'. Elizabeth is in full bloom as you can see from the photograph, whilst the Tetrarose buds are just beginning to open.

Further along the fence is a supermarket 'bargain buy' planted last summer and, I fear to say, neglected and forgotten, until a couple of weeks ago when the lovely blooms appeared as a delightful surprise.

This clematis 'Early Sensation' has its roots in the dry shade of a large conifer. It seems to have prospered despite, or perhaps because of, my lack of attention.

Don't you just love the way a garden can surprise you!

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