Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Residents of the Fruit Cage

The soft fruit in the fruit cage is looking very lush. I'll have to think about getting some netting up over the next few weeks if the lushness is a harbinger of fruitfulness.

I think I should probably be thinning out the raspberry canes, though I'll have to refer to the reference books to confirm. The other soft fruits in the cage are currants - red, white and black - gooseberry, thornless blackberry and strawberries.

Also residing in the fruit cage at the moment are a number of specimens for the garden borders awaiting planting; amongst them three more roses, two climbers - Creme Anglaise and Evening Light - and a shrub rose - Smarty. They'll have to wait until the weekend as the weekday evenings after work are taken up with a watering, a bit of weeding and a wander round the garden to end the day.

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